PT. Terregra Asia Energy is the first Indonesian based company that focuses on developing renewable energy.

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Hydro Power Plant

We will have 300 MW of operating
renewable power by 2023

Solar Power

With a mild, equatorial climate and abundant sunshine,
solar power is one of the most promising renewable
energy resources in our country.

Solar Power

With a mild, equatorial climate and abundant sunshine, solar power is one of the most promising renewable energy resources in our country.

By 2025, nearly a quarter of
Indonesia’s energy will
come from renewable resources.

We run our business as a good neighbor.

The “HEART” Principles


Melantai Perdana, Saham Terregra Asia Energi Naik 70 Persen

PT Terregra Asia Energy Tbk resmi menjadi emiten ke-8 yang tercatat di Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) pada tahun ini. Saham Terregra Asia Energy tercatat di papan utama dengan kode saham TGRA. Pada debut perdana, saham TGRA ditransaksikan dengan harga Rp 340 per saham atau naik 70 persen atau Rp 140 per saham dari harga yang ditawarkan ke publik yakni Rp 200. Saham TGRA sempat berada pada level tertinggi Rp 340 dan terendah Rp 260.


Terregra Asia becomes first renewable energy company to list on IDX

PT Terregra Asia Energy will become the first renewable energy company company that will list its shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The company sets the offering price of Rp 200-330 per share and aims to raise up to Rp198 billion from the initial public offering (IPO).
Terregra will issue a total of 600 million new shares, or approximately 21.43 percent of the total paid up capital. The company has appointed Lautandhana Securindo to underwrite (lead underwriter) the IPO.


Renewable firm Terregra Asia Energy to float shares on IDX

PT Terregra Asia Energy, which engages in renewable energy business, is planning to launch initial public offering (IPO) in second quarter this year, aiming at raising fresh funds to fund its solar and mini-hydro power plants on Sumatera Island. Corporate Secretary of Terregra Christin Soewito after held mini expose at the IDX said, the company plans to list its shares on May 8, with funds raising target of up to Rp200 billion.